ORGS® G2 Wraps, Drapes and Covers


Our 2-ply Barrier Design (ORGs® Fluid Repellent Finish outer fabric + Medical Barrier inner fabric) is a FDA Class 2 Medical Device approved for 100 turns. Products include wraps for autoclave sterilization (instruments, gowns, towels, patient drapes), instrument table drape and mayo stand cover. Our proprietary Infused Fabrics get their reusability and endurance through yarn selection and structure, fabric construction techniques/processing, and wet finishing processes.  This proprietary, complex process manipulates synthetic fibers thus altering their inherent performance profiles.

Quicker drying times
Potentially eliminates double wrapping
Cost effective durability

Item      Description      Size

22018 2 ply Barrier Wrap 18 x 18
22024 2 ply Barrier Wrap 24 x 24
22030 2 ply Barrier Wrap 30 x 30
22036 2 ply Barrier Wrap 36 x 36
22056 2 Ply Barrier Table Drape 50 x 56
22500 Mayo Stand Cover